To enable you to pray with more detail, here is some more information on our prayer requests. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Because of the earthquake, school has been closed. Students are expected to study from home. I bet many students are finding that hard with it being a nice day outside and without their friends to study with.
Our new baby is due to be born in late June. We are very excited!
Our school is now closed through Wednesday, with possible closure for the rest of the week because the power company is threatening blackouts sporadically throughout the day. Not only does this affect the school's lights and water pump, but train service is suspended which is how most kids travel to school.
There are many churches and agencies reaching out to the victims of the earthquake and tsunamis. Crash ( is one of these agencies working to get supplies to the churches in the affect area. This mission is headed by a parent of one of our students.
Students who weren't able to get home on the night of the earthquake stayed with host families. Sometimes this was a friends house, other times, they stayed with a teacher.