Cooking for students
Our family is safe. Even though the epicenter was north of us, the earthquake was very strong here. YooRan was at school where she directed her kids to get under their desks and then evacuated to the athletic field when the announcement came. Nate and Annabelle where at home. Since we live close to school, Nate and Annabelle joined everyone on the athletic field.

As many parents weren't able to come home from work, CAJ didn't release students until contact could be made. The train lines, cell phones and land lines were all not operating so it was very difficult for many students looking to go home. Many students were stuck at school so the staff jumped in to help out. YooRan took Annabelle home to care for her. Nate cooked hot dogs and helped prepare the pizza. All the students were either able to go home, or found a place to stay with a staff member or a friend.

The Lord definitely protected us, the school and students.

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