Spiritual Life Emphasis Week
This week is Spirtual Life Emphasis Week in the secondary here at CAJ. Staff have planned chapels, and discussions centered around the topic of love and its many facets. Today, the first chapel of the week covered the meaning of love. A list of student submitted meanings of the word "love" were read off, some quite funny. Staff from various nationalities came forward and discussed the use of the word "love" in each one’s native language (six languages). At the end they posed the question "What do you love, possibly even more than God?" Beginning tomorrow, we will be looking into Biblical guidance on unconditional love, friendship, romance and affection (based on the four Greek words for love).
Want some takoyaki?
- Jan 3, 2015
Want some takoyaki?
We have been have a wonderful and restful Christmas break. Here is Annabelle at a local play area dressed as a takoyaki (grilled octopus) waitress.

Merry Christmas!
- Dec 20, 2014
Merry Christmas!
We hope you have a blessed Christmas and may God's love overflow in your life.
Announcing Olivia Jubin
Olivia Jubin joined our family this past Thursday morning at 3:36 am.

While the labor and delivery were longer and more difficult than we were expecting (more than our second daughter), YooRan is recovering well and Olivia has been growing well. Annabelle and Elsie are both enjoying being big sisters. Thank you for your prayers. Please click the link below to view pictures.


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